Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) software will improve your warehouse productivity and accuracy. TWL is designed to address warehouse workflow including product movements, receiving, put-aways, shipping, picking and counting. These warehouse tasks are managed in a real-time environment supported through Radio Frequency (RF) Data Collection devices that are carried by workers in the warehouse. The TWL approach to warehouse management is an integrated solution that works with your business system.


The receiving function allows warehouse technicians to receive product against a purchase order, multiple POs, or an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) that has been received via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Product cross-references can be used to utilize manufacturers’ barcodes, or labels can be printed if no labeling is available. Update of information to the warehouse system is immediate. Backorders and purchase order updates are handled by the system increasing efficiency and accuracy.

The SX.enterprise product line consists of numerous applications including:

  • PO, Multiple PO, EDI/ASN receiving
  • Multiple receivers per PO/Shipment
  • Vendor cross-reference maintenance from handheld data collection device
  • Bar code labeling and data capture
  • Real-time reconciliation of actual receipt to purchase order
  • Automatic back order fulfillment
  • Cross dock routing
  • Damaged goods routing
  • Quality control quarantine
  • Pallet/carton/piece control
  • Lot/batch control
  • Product serialization
  • Directed and non-directed bin assignment
  • Daily receiving summaries

Material Handling

Material handling includes the function of put-away, inventory moves, bin or slot consolidation, and replenishment of primary bins. These functions are directed and controlled by the system, based upon a zone approach. Warehouse technicians are directed to correct locations for all movement activities by the system through RF terminals. Location confirmation is prompted in each step of the process to ensure accuracy. An audit trail is maintained to aid in product tracking and accountability.

  • Directed and/or non-directed control increases employee efficiency
  • Cube and weight-based slotting optimizes space/rack utilization
  • Temporary location management continually tracks inventory
  • Inventory cross edits for accuracy
  • Real-time location/movement updates operator
  • Min-Max and Demand primary replenishment keeps fast items in quick pick areas
  • Velocity tracking based on bin-hits
  • Override capabilities
  • Operator productivity reporting

Order Picking

TWL is designed to bring improved efficiency and accuracy to the picking operation, improving customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Orders initiated in SX.enterprise or Trend Order Entry are released to the warehouse for fulfillment. TWL organizes orders by user-established criteria that can include order number, customer, order type, zone, aisle, and carrier. Once selected, the orders are grouped based on the pick logic selected including pick-n-pack, pick to tote, wave picking, zone picking and order consolidation.

  • Cross dock routing reduces material handling
  • User-defined order picking process provides warehouse flexibility
  • Location and product barcode scan verification increases shipping accuracy
  • Bulk storage location management
  • Primary pick location management increases picking efficiency
  • Piece and carton picking management
  • Operator productivity measurement and reporting

Order Packing and Shipping

TWL makes packing an order more accurate and efficient. If you are using a pick-n-pack process for order fulfillment, the order can be packed as it is picked, eliminating the packing step altogether. Should you need to consolidate by order or customer, the system tracks the locations of the order totes and assists in order assembly. Use of RF assists in verifying that the correct items/totes are consolidated. Information is tracked at the carton, pallet, container, and/or trailer level for content allowing this information to be included in ASN transmissions. Packing list, shipping labels, bills of lading, dispatch notes, and carrier manifests are provided.

  • Order verification
  • Shipping manifest, bill of lading, packing list
  • Shipping container markings
  • Order tracking
  • Sort by carrier
  • EDI/ASN information support

Inventory Counting

  • Cycle count during normal operations
  • True perpetual inventory
  • Real-time inventory updating
  • Controlled and random cycle counts
  • Physical counts
  • ABC count classifications


  • Productivity tracking
  • Employee tracking
  • Item tracking
  • Location tracking

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