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Adobe Commerce Integration


Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento) is the "Go-To" eCommerce Solution for Distributors using Infor CloudSuite  

When you're running Infor CloudSuite SX.e and Adobe Commerce (Magento), you're running two software solutions that are truly world-class in their respective technology arenas. When they are fully integrated, you're super-charging your business operations for peak performance, optimized productivity and top-notch customer service.


The question is, how do you seamlessly integrate these two solutions?

The answer is simple, with Adobe Commerce Integration.


The Integration Hub for Magento and Infor CloudSuite.

We designed Adobe Commerce Integration using Infor ION technology, context applications and web extensions that offer a seamless and comprehensive integration through-point. Specifically designed for distributors who use Infor ERP solutions, we included numerous integration points that you simply won't find in other eCommerce integration tools including back-ordering, shipping, add-on costs, ERP tendering, sales tax reconciliation and much more.


Our underlying integration technology incorporates an intelligent data interpretation layer that allows fundamental business decisions to be made with processing incoming orders without the need for custom programming. This customer service centric design seamlessly allows for real-time decision-trees to be activated to optimize inventory turns., leverage warehouse locations and suggest alternate products when something has been discontinued.


eCommerce Storefront

Magento Integrator

Seamlessly Integrate Magento to Infor Cloudsuite SX.e
to Optimize your eCommerce Capabilities 


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