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Infor Distribution SX.e

Delivering Power and Flexibility  

Infor Distribution SX.e helps all types of distributors increase productivity and adapt quickly to an evolving market. Providing broad visibility across your entire organization, this powerful solution delivers unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers while simultaneously tracking millions of inventory items.

Improve profitability and boost operational efficiency by streamlining processes related to e-commerce, warehouse management, integrated supply, counter sales, purchasing, and value-added services with Infor Distribution SX.e.

Offering powerful technology with deep functionality and flexibility, Infor Distribution SX.e is specifically designed to address the unique demands of the wholesale distribution industry. Use this comprehensive solution to increase operational efficiency, improve inventory management, and boost customer service.


  • Comprehensive distribution enterprise solution

  • Scalable for single site to multi-national organizations

  • Micro-vertical specific functionality

  • Integrated supply

  • Omni-channel

  • Advanced inventory management

  • Buyer's control center

  • On-premises, hosted, or hybrid deployment

  • Multi-language and multi-currency

  • Extensibility



Skillfully manage indirect material and machine supplies using our Storeroom solution. With the ability to precisely monitor your customer's warehouse space for a toolcrib, industrial vending machines, maintenance repairs, and operations inventory, our solution provides a unique level of service for integrated supply.


Infor Distribution SX.e helps keep control over your vast inventory to improve your overall operations. Automate and streamline the process for recording and tracking transactions, as well as tackle the toughest inventory problems, including non-stocks and specials, item classification, and accurate reorder points.

Infor Distribution SX.e brochure

Infor Distribution SX.e Brochure

Learn more about this powerful ERP solution built specifically for distributors with deep, proven capabilities. 


Process transactions quickly and seamlessly, across channels chosen by your customers. Provide easy access to the information needed to process an order or request, including detailed customer sales history, product specifications, photos of various product offerings, and replacement products that are available to order.

The Infor Distribution Difference

Distributors are being challenged to increase sales by expanding beyond their traditional roles. They now need to incorporate manufacturing, target consumers in a retail environment, and manage customer inventory like a 3PL provider. Distributors also continue to explore ways to drive organic growth by expanding the geography of their service areas, introducing new product lines, and via mergers and acquisitions. And the expectation to deliver exceptional service is higher than ever.


To meet these evolving demands, Infor delivers comprehensive and flexible solutions that optimize every facet of your operation enabling you to manage transactions with unparalleled visibility across the enterprise and make smarter and faster decisions.More than 6,000 distributors use Infor solutions and benefit from our 30 years of experience solving the specific business challenges of the wholesale distribution industry.


While Infor has a particular focus on the industrial and professional trade micro-verticals, it has experience across all wholesale distribution including jansan, fine paper and office supply, recreational goods, and medical and safety equipment.


Infor is committed to developing innovative solutions that are changing the way distributors work to ensure you are better able to sell to, buy from, and employ the next generation.

Infor Distribution SX.e
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