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Warehouse Automation (TWL)

Are you ready to make your warehouse more productive and more profitable? 

Get Ready for Total Warehouse Logistics 

Your warehouse is the heart of your distribution business and the right warehouse management system is crucial to help you to efficiently control costs and ensure a smoothly running sales and fulfillment operation.


For many distributors, implementing a warehouse management system is not a luxury, but a matter of survival. Margins are tight and customers demand faster and better service levels so productivity and automation are essential. Distributors that don’t invest in a warehouse management system to manage inventory and control costs will no longer find themselves competitive.


We specialize in implementing the Infor Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL). TWL provides a paperless solution to increase warehouse productivity and accuracy. It’s designed to address issues of warehouse workflow including receiving, product movement, picking, packing, shipping, and counting. These warehouse tasks are managed centrally in a real-time environment, supported through Radio Frequency (RF) communication devices that are carried by warehouse personnel.


This integrated and automated approach to managing your warehouse allows productivity gains at the same time that inventory and order fulfillment accuracy goals are achieved. By identifying and correcting bad warehouse processes that threaten customer loyalty and forfeit company profits, the TWL brings the fastest return on investment, with the highest level of information integration, and the lowest risk of implementation with SX.e.


The paybacks of the right warehouse management system are obvious. Automating processes, optimizing inventory, decreasing labor costs and eliminating errors can save distributors hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


If you are looking to make your warehouse system to help you become more productive and more profitable, then look no further than Expertek and TWL.


distribution software
  • Improve workflows

  • Streamline operations

  • Automate processes

  • Optimize inventory

  • Integrate information

  • Reduce errors

  • Enhance overall productivity

Functional Benefits of TWL


From receiving and inventory handling, to picking, packing and shipping, TWL delivers significant efficiencies across your entire operation – saving you valuable time, money and resources all while eliminating costly errors. Here are just a few of your functional areas that will benefit from TWL.

  • PO, Multiple PO, EDI/ASN receiving

  • Multiple receivers per PO/Shipment

  • Vendor cross-reference maintenance 

  • Bar code labeling and data capture

  • Real-time reconciliation to purchase order

  • Automatic back order fulfillment

  • Cross dock routing

  • Damaged goods routing

  • Quality control quarantine

  • Pallet/carton/piece control

  • Lot/batch control

  • Product serialization

  • Directed and non-directed bin assignment

  • Daily receiving summaries

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