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StarShip Integration

A Fully Integrated Shipping Solution at an Affordable Price.

Ship More, Ship Faster, For Less.  

StarShip by V-Technologies is a complete shipping solution that with our integration tool connects seamlessly with Infor CloudSuite Distribution and nearly every version of Infor SXe. For nearly twenty years, we have continuously maintained and improved this integration tool to enable smooth, fast shipping to improve productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.


With a native web interface, this easy-to-use, affordable shipping solution supports all major parcel carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Spee-Dee, and dozens of LTL freight carriers plus a Generic Carrier module for unsupported carriers. In one user interface, it centralizes shipping information while eliminating the need for double-entry of shipping data.


StarShip supports a variety of integrated electronic scales and enables rate shopping both at the time of shipment and optionally, at CSD Order Entry.


We work with third-party parcel insurance to cut insurance costs by up to 65% and can print carrier-approved bar-coded shipping labels and COD tags.


StarShip Integration Enables a Seamless Information Exchange:

To ensure accuracy and optimize efficiency, key information is seamlessly exported from Infor CloudSuite or SXe directly into Starship and vice-versa, including but not limited to:

  • Ship-to address and customer information

  • Ship via method and tracking numbers

  • Blind shipment flag / Residential flag

  • Adult signature required flag

  • Third-Party billing account / 3PL support

  • Free freight flag

  • Freight amount / Freight tracking number 

  • COD charges / COD flag



Seamless, automated integration is the key to shipping success.

Forget the redundancy and wasted time of rekeying and tracking information in multiple systems. With our seamless integration, users can improve shipping accuracy and efficiency to save time, money, and deliver improved customer service. 

>>  StarShip Data Sheet


Key Features and Functionality at a Glance  

Real-time order status and error reporting

Automated messages to keep your team informed of order status including potential issues and errors.


Multi-Branch / Multi-Warehouse shipping

Ensure the proper items are shipped from the correct warehouse to improve order accuracy.


Robust Rate-shop functionality

Rate Shop is a standard feature at the shipping station but an add-on option at order entry.


Support for the TWL warehouse system

Keep all your information integrated.


E-Mail notification

Create, customize, simplify customer email notifications.


SWOG (Shipped with Other Goods)

Consolidate orders going to the same location to save money and improve service.


Warehouse Transfers

Supports shipment of warehouse transfers and WT-DO’s.


LTL (Less than a Truck Load)

Maintain LTL data such as freight-class and NFMC codes.


StarShip Integration is loaded with lots of extras like:

  • Dashboards, analytics, a forms tool, a report writer

  • Extensive rule engine for setting shipping pricing

  • Integrated shipment status back to eCommerce

  • Handles all your accessorial charges

  • Fully supports international shipping

  • Hazmat support; print OP-900 and manifest at EOD

  • Multiple company file connections on one license




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