A Fully Integrated Shipping Solution at an Affordable Price.

Ship More, Ship Faster, For Less  

Starship is a complete shipping solution that integrates seamlessly with Infor Distribution SX.e and Infor Distribution Cloudsuite, eliminating the need for double-entry of shipping information. This easy-to-use, affordable shipping solution supports multiple carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Spee-Dee, and LTL freight carriers in one user interface while keeping a central location for shipment history.  


Starship calculates freight charges through an optional integrated scale and rate-shops between the available carriers to find the most economical way to ship packages. It supports 3rd party parcel insurance to cut insurance costs by up to 65% and can print carrier-approved bar-coded shipping labels and COD tags.



Exchange Information Effortlessly:

To ensure accuracy and optimize efficiency, key information is seamlessly exported from Infor SX.e and Cloud directly into Starship and vice-versa, including:

  • Ship-To address including city, state, zip code, country, phone number, email

  • Ship via method

  • Blind shipment flag

  • COD flag

  • Residential flag

  • Adult signature required flag

  • 3rd-Party billing account

  • Free freight flag

  • Freight amount

  • Freight tracking number

  • COD charges



Seamless, Automated Integration is the Key to Shipping Success

Forget the redundancy and wasted time of keying and tracking information in multiple systems. With our seamless integration, we allow users to improve shipping accuracy and efficiency. 

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Core Functionality  


Real-time order status and error reporting

Automated messages to keep your team informed of order status including potential issues and errors


Multi-Branch / Multi-Warehouse shipping

Ensure the proper items are shipping from the correct warehouse to improve order accuracy


Automation for efficiency

Multiple automation features to keep both your team and your customers informed of shipping status


Optionally print SX.e packing slip

Customize packing slips with your key information


Support for the TWL warehouse system

Keep all your information integrated



Users can rate shop and quote shipping in Order Entry and/or just rate shop at the time of shipment in real time.


E-Mail notification

Create, customize, simplify customer email notifications


Package void

Ability to cancel and void orders as needed


SWOG (Shipped with Other Goods)

Consolidate orders to save money and improve service



Automatically source and drop-ship as needed


LTL (Lighter than a Truck Load)

Export key info including freight-class and NFMC code


International shipping

Export key info including Schedule B code