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In today's technology driven world, people are using the latest mobile devices to do things faster and more conveniently than ever before; whenever and wherever. The ability to make online purchases from a tablet is one trend that continues to grow exponentially. One of the biggest keys to driving more sales is to make it easier for your customers to buy from you. Now you can make it easier for your customers to buy from you with SupplyLine, a mobile commerce app for the Apple iPad.


SupplyLine gives your customers the convenience and control to buy from you at any time, and from any place. SupplyLine is a native iPad app that is the perfect complement to your Infor Storefront or other ecommerce applications. It communicates with SX.e using the Infor Real Time API kit. With SupplyLine, each of your customers can order with ease, check the status of past orders, get pricing and check their credit status. 


SupplyLine enables your customers to use an iPad to:

  • Submit orders remotely

  • Check pricing and availability

  • Check the status of orders

  • Leave the desk behind and get more done on the go


Learn more: Download SupplyLine collateral


Business solutions on the go

Key Features

  • iOS Native ordering for your customers

  • Mobile commerce app for Infor SX.e

  • Native user experience

  • Customer facing

  • Ideal mobile solution for Infor Storefront users


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